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Smoothies - Take your pick

Hi! Two food posts in one day!. It's safe to say I'm trying to put on a little weight (my Ghanaian friends will tease me if I dare say "add weight") and stay healthy as well.

My new obsession is smoothies!!=
Especially since I have this awesome blender my mom gave me, it's old school but so much better than any new one I have tried. You can blend fine or blend it in a way that you will have small juicy chunky surprises :) all up to you. I've tried different fruits but today it's all about the mango! I haven't yet met anyone who does not like this fruit. Some ppl say it causes them to run(in other words, but if you take about a cupfull, you should be fine each time.

Also, cut up the fruit into cubes or slices the night before and put in the freezer. Blend the next day for a chilled smoothie :)

Health point:

Also courtesy of Conscious Life News, below are several options for the smoothie lover and their benefits.

Peace. Love. Fabulousne…

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