Saturday, July 5, 2008

Chicago, Ghita and all things sweet!

Happy 4th of July!..a day after. I hope you did fill up on some good food/fireworks.

Anyways I promised to return with a blog about Chicago and one of my favorite labels, Ghita by Alexis Phifer.

I went to the Windy city to see one of my best friends and shout out to her for making sure I had a wonderful time. 1 star out of 5 for

If you have never been, you have to at some point. Wherever you are, out of the US, make it your stop on the way in; within the US, look for a cheap ticket on a weekend. What I did like about the place was the downtown scene, from the shopping street corners with designers like Coach, Armani, Louis Vuitton and more to the food....ah the food, the pizza was awesome, best ever and I am so not a pizza-eating person but they won me over! Lots to do and for that I give the city of Chicago 4 stars out of 5.

This label was launched by Alexia Phifer in 2005 and has since seen a growth in popularity and availability. I especially liked the Spring 2008 collection with the brights and whites and she is impressing the fashion world yet again with the Fall 2008 collection with a lot of ruching which in another time may have been a bit much but she does it with the style and experience of a seasoned designer and one cannot help but love that. The color palette is naturally Fall with metallic grays, tans, yellows and pale pink. There is a grecian element to this particular collection and that adds a touch of elegance and dangerously borders on 'done before' but like a pro she takes you to a completely different familiar place. For the fall 08 collection, Ghita gets a 4 out of 5 stars.
I love the "barely-pink" color of this piece

The mix of brown/tan/white is fabulously done

So these are a few of my favorite pieces of the Ghita 08 collection. Check it out!
Have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fab ladies at If Looks Could Kill Premiere

Hi guys,

Sorry for the MIA. I cannot tell you how busy I have been. I went to Chicago to see my best friend and I loved it! More about that later.

Below are pics from the 'If Looks Could Kill" premiere with Keyshia Cole, Alexis Phifer and Mashonda as guests. If you don't know about the fab Bianca, go over to and check it out. Follow Bianca, a super fab chic like myself, as she combines fashion and espionage! Presented by Toyota and thanks to my girl Whitney Maiers over at Toyota for the pics.
the uber-fab Alexis Phifer

The fabulous and sexy songstress, Keyshia Cole

Mashonda, Alexis Phifer and Keyshia Cole

Alexis Phifer

Eric Benet

Keyshia Cole belting out one of her successful singles

Rocsi from BET's 106&Park

Alexis Phifer and Mashonda model by Bianca's Toyota

I am so in love with Alexis Phifer's clothing line Ghita, look out for an upcoming post on that.

Episode 3 is up on, but check it out from episode one if you haven't already so you get the idea and you also have the opportunity to register for prizes. A fab show and prizes! absolutely a win-win!

Thats it for now.

Stay fab.