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Afrofab designers

Duro Olowu
Duro Olowu is the darling of the British Fashion scene and as you will see below, he matches my loooove for prints and patterns this season. I adore this designer and his eye for fitting the body of a woman. Below are pieces from his Spring 08 ready to wear collection. Enjoy!
The blue kaftan belted dress is perfect for spring, as is the tourquoise jacket and skirt and the flower-pattern jersey dress.

These dresses above will flatter any shape because two of the most beautiful parts of a woman's body are her neck and shoulders.

Peridot and Ruby
In following the trend of spring colors and fit, we have Nigerian Designers Peridot and Ruby. With their vibrant colors and waist-flattering fit, it is definitely one of my top African designers of the season.

Fab People

Olu Maintain is a rising Nigerian star with his debut solo album Story of my life out in stores now and his uber-succesful single, Yahooze . Olu maintains that “the single is about pleasure after pain, working from Monday to Friday and enjoying from Friday to Sunday”. He has his own label, Reloaded Records. Check out other songs off his album on his myspace. Look out for my interview with Olu Maintain coming soon!

Yahoozee_Olu Maintain

Idris Elba
This half-Ghanaian, half Sierra Leonan British Import has tons of movies under his belt and his being half Ghanain like moi means he is very talented, which he is. Lol. He is also a talented DJ, bet you didn’t know that; Look for him in the upcoming movies; The No 1 Ladies Detective
with Jill Scott and Obsessed with Beyonce Knowles.

This fabulous, talented lady is a soul crooner and I believe a mixture of Sade and India.Arie, although as we all know they hold their own. She is of Nigerian and Romanian birth. Ayọ (born as Joy Olasunmibo O…

Spring in....and Summer too!!

As the start of Spring approaches, we, the ladies, are faced with more fun ways to look hot in 08. This spring kicks off a return to accentuating your lovely waist. With wide belts, waist-flattering skirts and dresses, we are thankfully distancing ourselves from the era of low, low, low -waist everything! That trend did nothing to beautifully emphasize the waist of a woman, rather it gave her a longer than normal torso and for some it exposed what was supposed to remain underneath. Below are runway pieces to spring into. The runway picks come from one of my favorite designers, ReemAcra. The colors are not only spring and summer perfect; the pieces are flattering on any shape because they bring the whole look together at one point which is important for a beautiful, balanced look.

I am a big fan of white and black and those are classic colors but you can add a splash/contrast of color like the green wide belt in look 1 or the purple belt in look 5 or you can go all out with pur…

Fabulous blogging

Hi Y'all! Thank You for visiting my blog,
This blog is going to showcase style tips, fab music, infotainment and more.
Let me tell you why I started this blog. First reason, I love to write, I write a lot about stuff and writing is so enlivening. I am a creative/artistic-type person so this blog should be fun. Second reason, I feel like in some way there are people out there I need to reach; looking fabulous is obvious, put your look together to suit your body and mind. Feeling fabulous is not so obvious at first, but once you feel fabulous, the whole world knows it! It may be working out, eating right or just plain, old, simple joy. Doing fabulous. Aha! That is the true test of being fabulous. It is doing something positive in someone’s life, doing something positive in your life, following your ‘get-outta-here’ dreams (someone ask Barack Obama about the possibility of ‘get-outta-here’ dreams!) and your doing-fabulous-definition inserted here { }. Third reason,…