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Weekend fab

Hey guys,

My Weekend fab is as follows:

Tech-Fab: I recently got this new laptop which embodies the idea of style meets business, kind off where Im at and it has been fabolous-I highly recommend it! Its the Dell Vostro 2510 in ruby red! Check it out at

Music-Fab: 2Face ft. Sway "Go down there"

Style-fab Ladies: sexy, cuffed jean shorts of variable lengths are in. Show off the legs and ofcourse experience the comfort as well.

Style-fab guys: a nice simple tee is a must; Summer is pretty much around the corner but it would work now in most parts. I like a few of the tees Sean John has-nice graphics/design and not overly done. Check out a couple below.

Peace, love and faboulousness.

Fashion show backstage

In addition to being a fab(if I say so myself) designer, I am also a stylist and this past weekend I had the fabulous opportunity of styling my sorority's Fashion Show.

Above is a pic of moi, taking a break from being stylist to being model-like - getting my make-up done. The whole backstage crew walked the runway in the finale. It was loads of fun!

I will put up pics of the models in their outfits and accessories backstage in a couple of weeks.

- Fashion Line - KIZI

Hi guys,

The first collection-AFROFAB- is almost out. You will be hearing more about it and ofcourse your questions and comments are welcome.

This collection- AFROFAB-is about going back to the heritage of who we are as women and doing it fabulously. It is an inspiration of African fabrics fused with contemporary creativity. You can look great anywhere in the world in one of my pieces. No longer do we have to keep our fabrics, our beauty in a box that says "pre-approved structure or design".

Point is I will always be inspired by where I am from- Ghana, Nigeria - Africa and that inspiration and passion bubbles at the surface and I cannot keep it at bay any longer. I have always wanted the world to see and appreciate the beauty that I see and I guess being a designer is inately who I am because I feel I am able to create art out of what I already consider beautiful.

I look at my label as wearable art and I thank God for that creativity he put in me. I look forward to people weari…