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Commit to Change+p-square and more

Two things happened this past week; what many expected would be the only truthful outcome turned out not to be and Rev. Wright kept on preaching. I am talking about the verdict on the Sean Bell case tragedy and Rev. Wright continously speaking out for America and the world to commit to change.

Sean bell was in a car the night before his wedding when 3 undercover police officers felt their lives were in danger and pumped what was believed to be 50+ bullets into the car Killing Bell. After 'the smoke settled down', Bell was dead and there were no weapons on him or in the car.

Now think about that for a second.....

Understandably, the family is devastated, they lost a son, a father, .........a fiance; few things are worse. But also at this point, we have to think about what next. Can they take it to the Supreme Court, Ask for a retrial? Surely everyone realizes this affected more than just the Bell family and it is so beyond race because 2 of the 3 policemen are black. The issue her…

Simple but fab skin and make-up

These are tips on skin care and makeup gathered from lots of different types of people, friends, myself included and you just have to find what works for you. I learnt something years ago; perfect skin equals perfect makeup but unfortunately there is no perfect skin but fortunately there are perfect solutions and there is flawless makeup. Each individual is different so naturally the skin care regimen will be different and honestly the drugstore type things are less complicated and usually work and the expensive things mess with your skin.

Let me start with types of skin, I have combination skin (note I didn’t say perfect skin but I’m pretty close!) and that is oily in some parts and dry in other areas. It is personally the hardest skin type to care for because of the obvious confusion of areas lol. But I also have sensitive skin so that has worked in my favor because I cannot use anything overly aggressive anyway so that helps with the combination/confusion. Try Aveeno gentle scrub on…
Hi everybody! I have been a little busy and I am about to let you know why and what I have been up to.

Ok so I am coming out with my very own fabulous fashion line! It kinda inspired this blog. I have been working on it for a few months now but it came to me a little while ago. I was just inspired by a lot and God put that dream in me. Since then I have been eating, sleeping and thinking this dream and I am actually now working that dream and I am so excited! My first of many collections will be out this summer (sneak peak coming soon!); it is geared towards spring/summer because usually the difference between those seasons is a sexy shawl, a cute cropped jacket or a pair of fabulously tailored pants.

The thing about dreaming is the possibility. When you believe all of a sudden that you can actually accomplish something, when you believe in yourself all of a sudden, the feeling is amazing because it’s a natural high no one can or should be able to bring you down from.

There might be setb…