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Happy New year to everyone!
May the Lord bless you and keep you in 2013!

Kim Kardashian is pregnant!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their first child.Her rep just confirmed to ABC news. Besides he announced it at his concert in Atlantic city Sunday night. Tweets have been pouring in from the Kardashian clan all night.
Congratulations to them.
Another most watched baby bump on the way!Read the full story here

Women's Rights the world over - Spotlight New Delhi

Ok, if you have a heart and you have been watching/listening to the news then you will have been angered by the attack AND rape of a young Indian woman while on a bus in New Delhi. Right now she is fighting for her life, on life support. Wow.We have heard stories like this from many countries. I pray this starts a new phase of women's rights revolution. One that actually sweeps across the world, much like the now known, Arab Spring.Men. Respect women. Love women like they are your sisters and mothers.And women. Respect yourselves. Respect eachother. Teach your sons and brothers how to treat women.Read more about what the Indian Public is calling to happen to the rapists at

Ghana Music Awards, the fashion

Famed Ghanaian actresses Nadia Buhari and Yvonne Nelson went for black.
Yvonne is in a plunging neckline with the on trend peplum detail while Nadia is in a single strap, draping gown. Love the red lip on both ladies. Red lipstick is bold and daring, find ur shade n try it.While the style and cuts are totally different, I have to ask who wore it (black) best?

Solva; Shop & Earn

Image is a new website which boasts convenient shopping and delivery of groceries, houshold items, beauty supplies, toiletries etc.

The interesting bit here is the opportunity to earn money back based on introducing people to the website
It is free to join and you can earn up to ₦100,000. Visit the website to find out how.

Janet Jackson gets another ring put on it

Word around is that Janet Jackson is engaged to long time boyfriend Wissam Al Mana. Congratulations! My take on long engagements still stands (read previous post) so hope the wedding takes place sooner rather than later.
Ms. Jackson was previously married to El deBarge.

Afrofab looks of the week

Funmi Iyanda is a glowing Grecian goddess in this gold draping gown which is very complimentary to her curves. Her hair is very African which I like.Millen Magese in the Christmas season colors as host for the Music meets Runway show. The leggy model is from Tanzania so she is def Afrofab. I love when I see tall ladies rocking heels, definition of confidence ain't it :)

Singer Brandy gets a ring put on it!

Fabulous gal Brandy is engaged to music producer Ryan Press.
I'm actually quite happy for her cos she was always saying she felt Ryan is the one. They are super cute together, ain't mad at that.
Now I'm so not for long engagements so I hope they tie the knot sooner rather than later.I mean what is with people dating for say two years and then getting engaged for longer than 6 months. A lot of craziness can happen. Besides trust me, you can plan a wedding in 6 months, even 3...regardless of the budget. If u don't believe me, ask people who actually make it down the aisle.before they start showing :)If u prefer a smaller wedding even easier. A bigger wedding, can be done.

Nelson Mandela doing better

Former President Nelson Mandela has been discharged from hospital after about 19 days. The respected anti-apartheid activist was treated for a lung infection. Some good news for South Africans who consider him an Icon. Truth be said he is an Icon to the World. We wish him good health.

Merry Christmas

It is only fitting that I mark my return to blogosphere with a Christmas message, afterall I last made a post new year 2012! #naughtyornice. Matter of fact, let me just say this: God has been so so good, thank God for the grace and mercy that I am alive and well. Please as you read this say a lil prayer of thanks for yourself and for others. No matter what you have gone through in 2012, you are alive right now to thank God, so you should.
Ok, so I have been MIA cos of several reasons, but on that note let me say that where there is a will, there is a way. I lacked the will for a while cos other things cramped my mind but I know now that one should do things they love ( positive things I.e.). I enjoy blogging, it gives me a platform to share my ideas with people who care to read.
In the spirit of being thankful, I have to shoutout a good person, who 'stumbled' on my blog and has been encouraging me to get back to it. I tried to start of blogging again with my new phone, he sent…

2012 !!!

Happy New Year!

Thanks be to God for giving us the grace to see another year.

New year, new opportunities trust me.

I have no resolutions per se cos I believe the actual statement of a resolution puts too much pressure on people and unfortunately they often buckle under those pressures. Rather, I focus on making the best of the new year by the grace of God.

So, this year explore every angle you have been too afraid to before; start that business, explore that hobby(blogging :-), build that friendship, nurture that relationship, speak from your heart using your head (obviously) but I mean dont walk away from a conversation wishing you had said X and wishing you HADN'T said Y, think carefully but always speak from your heart, be honest and wise and true. Etc.

New year, new opportunities, new love, new business you :-)