Merry Christmas

It is only fitting that I mark my return to blogosphere with a Christmas message, afterall I last made a post new year 2012! #naughtyornice. Matter of fact, let me just say this: God has been so so good, thank God for the grace and mercy that I am alive and well. Please as you read this say a lil prayer of thanks for yourself and for others. No matter what you have gone through in 2012, you are alive right now to thank God, so you should.
Ok, so I have been MIA cos of several reasons, but on that note let me say that where there is a will, there is a way. I lacked the will for a while cos other things cramped my mind but I know now that one should do things they love ( positive things I.e.). I enjoy blogging, it gives me a platform to share my ideas with people who care to read.
In the spirit of being thankful, I have to shoutout a good person, who 'stumbled' on my blog and has been encouraging me to get back to it. I tried to start of blogging again with my new phone, he sent me an app that makes blogging easier :) #muchlove. Also to readers whom I have to plead with to come back lol. If u can 'hear' me, pls I am back :)
So It's Christmas. Let love and peace fill your hearts, your homes.and your families. God bless.


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