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Meet Kelvin Okafor

Everyone is blessed with a truly amazing gift. The Bible says your gifts will bring you in to see kings.Kelvin Okafor is a man who has found his gift. In art. Life like, could be a still photograph. And yet it is pencil and charcoal.Check out some of his work below and visit his blog to see his process And yes, all those are drawings (except the one of him of course) not black and white photographs

Beyonce - Life is but a dream

Afrofab kids - Quvenzhane Wallis, youngest Best Actress Oscar nominee

This little cutie is from Louisiana, USA.
Early this morning, she became the youngest Best actress Oscar nominee ever at age 9 as she was nominated for her portrayal as Hushpuppy in the movie Beasts of the Southern Wild.Too cute! And pretty damn awesome!

Straight from Africa - Ankara

It appears that slowly but surely African inspired fabric is making a home out of the shores of Africa. Interestingly enough, we here in Africa are absorbing more and more of the Western culture n dressing. (This is so similar to white ppl tanning to be darker n black ppl bleaching to be lighter lol)Anyway back to the actual post.
Over the weekend, Wiz Khalifa n wife, Amber Rose had a baby shower n she looked lovely in her keyboard inspired Jeremy Scott dress.But to the point of this post, Model Tocarra showed up looking lovely as well in a blouse which on even casual inspection is Ankara or some other African inspired fabric like Woodin (Ghana).I don't know bout u but African fabric is gorge! It's vibrant n always has its own identity. You can dress it up or down and more ppl should appreciate AND wear it.

Okyeame Kwame

I love Ghanaian artist Okyeame Kwame's flow. The video below is a song he did with Irene Logan. Enjoy!Watch "Okyeame Kwame - Mr. Versatile ft. Irene Logan [Official Video] | Video" on YouTube

Big ups to AC Milan and Kevin Prince Boateng

KPG and Muntari (both Ghanaian AC Milan players) suffered racists taunts from the opposing crowd while playing at a game today and AC Milan Manager called for the end of the game and the players walked off.
I have to give props to AC Milan and the players. No one should stand for racism, sexism or any sort of ism (lol) in 2013. Thumbs up.
The loss is for the audience who paid for the tickets so next time they will learn to be respectful to other races.
Let me say here that everyone should be respectful to other nationalities. I mean who the heck are u to judge anyone. Look in the mirror aight.