Big ups to AC Milan and Kevin Prince Boateng

KPG and Muntari (both Ghanaian AC Milan players) suffered racists taunts from the opposing crowd while playing at a game today and AC Milan Manager called for the end of the game and the players walked off.
I have to give props to AC Milan and the players. No one should stand for racism, sexism or any sort of ism (lol) in 2013. Thumbs up.
The loss is for the audience who paid for the tickets so next time they will learn to be respectful to other races.
Let me say here that everyone should be respectful to other nationalities. I mean who the heck are u to judge anyone. Look in the mirror aight.


Kesho Serbeh said…
I totally agree!! I mean it's the 21st century, Obama is president so people should evolve mentally and stop thinking as if these insults have no consequences. On the contrary, like you said, the loss is for the audience!!! Good for them!!!

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