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Ahhhhh Watermelon!

Growing up, we learned to spit out watermelon seeds. Basically, anything seed is often discarded, but new research shows that some seeds give great benefits and are healthier consumed than discarded.

Today we explore, the kinda tasteless but oh so refreshing watermelon. The fruit itself is very hydrating as water makes up a large percentage of it. But the seeds are beneficial in the following ways -Great source of Magnesium, Iron, Folate, monounsaturated fats (whether you believe or not, ha!). The kicker is that you have to consume A LOT of the seeds to get full benefits.

I decided to make some watermelon juice for hubs and I. the thing about fruit is this, contrary to popular belief, you should consume fruits BEFORE meals. Let it be the first thing to hit your empty stomach, after good 'ol room temperature water (will explore water in another post); you benefit more from that. Trust me, I'm a doctor :)

So back to the juice, peel, and blend the watermelon, seeds and all. And do…