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New fashion line to debut soon!

Hi Guys,
I am sooo excited to announce that I am working on a fashion line and it will be launching very soon! I have been busy tying up 'loose ends' lol. The line will include jewelry, t-shirts and actual, classic fashion all designed by moi. I have always been of the creative nature and my family knows that so when I told them about it, they weren't too surprised but the response has been positive so far and I am just believing in God for the strength to keep pushing.

A little info about the label
I have a name for the label-jewelry,t-shirts and fashion but I want to wait a little bit before releasing that for some reasons. I like to have everything ready, thats just the way I do things but anyway pretty soon.
The fashion line is a collection of dresses and other pieces made from 'all-over-Africa'-n fabrics and the inspiration for my designs is really the fabrics themselves with the colors and durability that accompanies authentic African fabrics and I am very intere…