New fashion line to debut soon!

Hi Guys,
I am sooo excited to announce that I am working on a fashion line and it will be launching very soon! I have been busy tying up 'loose ends' lol. The line will include jewelry, t-shirts and actual, classic fashion all designed by moi. I have always been of the creative nature and my family knows that so when I told them about it, they weren't too surprised but the response has been positive so far and I am just believing in God for the strength to keep pushing.

A little info about the label
I have a name for the label-jewelry,t-shirts and fashion but I want to wait a little bit before releasing that for some reasons. I like to have everything ready, thats just the way I do things but anyway pretty soon.
The fashion line is a collection of dresses and other pieces made from 'all-over-Africa'-n fabrics and the inspiration for my designs is really the fabrics themselves with the colors and durability that accompanies authentic African fabrics and I am very interested in repping my continent, my countries-Ghana and Nigeria-so all that contributed to my wanting to start this in the first place.
The jewelry line is similar to the fashion line because it is classic pieces and stones that can add 'oomph' to any outfit, jeans and a tank for instance.
The t-shirt line consists of pure cotton and organic African cotton t-shirts designed by myself with the inspiration behind that being "Comfortable Expression". This is the key behind my t-shirts because each uniquely designed t-shirt appeals to each unique individual and the base material is extremely comfortable.

So I have been absent due to all this and expect a fashion show to showcase all these coming up (in houston tho). Also expect pics soon.

One more thing, don't be afraid to follow your dreams, no matter how outrageous or 'done before' they may seem, yours could be the dream everyone has been waiting on just like America has been waiting on someone like Barack Obama. (Just had to plug that in). Believe in yourself and God will handle the rest.

Peace. Love and fabulous things.


Chi-Chi said…
I am patiently waiting to see your line. UPDATE!
Anonymous said…
I'm so proud of you little sis! This is great blog, full of lovely and insightful ideas. I love the pink background, it brigs the sense of feminity of the whole concept. Many more glorious achievements are waiting for you little sis!! Proud of you!

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