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Fashion Review - Genevieve Magazine Pink Ball

The popular magazine had its annual Pink Ball which highlights breast cancer awareness. The party for a good cause brought out some of Nigeria's fashionistas and below are the styles of the evening.

The uber-fabulous designer Zizi Cardow showed up in one of her pieces. A very playful, young choice for the evening. Loves it!

This is a very appropriate cocktail dress for the evening. I love the delicate pink, the beautiful fabric and the fit is awesome on her figure. Great choice!

Funmi Iyanda went with a Deola Sagoe creation. I'm not too sure about this one. I mean two of my favorite Nigerian women and deola Sagoe, I absolutely look up to so they both can't go wrong in my book.

Ituen Basi is seen here in one of her beaded creations which I love. I'm not ecstatic about the shoe choice but fab lady all the same.

I love the cut of this dress and little accents like the fab shoes and cross necklace add some elegance to the otherwise simple dress.

She went with red shoes! I love t…

Fashion review - Encomium's Black and White Ball

It is very hard to go wrong with black. It is slimming, flattering on most figures and these ladies harnessed the positives. I particularly love the dress on the right, really cute and very appropriate for the event.

I love risk takers! Black and white ball with a little pink and she hits a homerun with this.

Actress Oge Okoye(right) looks lovely. I love the jewelry choice, simple yet elegant. Fab look.

Designer Data Okorodudu looks elegant in the white blouse and flowy skirt. fab look.

Designer Zizi Cadow looks beautiful in this stunning piece-probably from her collection. A different choice of shoes would have completed the look. However fab lady, fab outfit.

This stunning mini looks beautiful on model Isio Wanogho-Lovely Hair, nice gold clutch and gold accessories. I'm out on the shoes however.

The dress is a bit 80's but I'm all for vintage only where appropriate and i don't think this is appropriate for a ball and the hair is not really complementing. Either way beaut…

Met's Costume Institute Gala - New York City

Okay this past weekend was the "Oscars of Fashion" in New York City so naturally all your fave celebrities came out dressed up and below are my picks, best and worst dressed.

Rihanna went Avant-Garde to me and although I don't love,love it, I definitely think its a good "comeback" outfit. Perfect place, good statement.

Ciara's look i love, love! The backless statement is fabulous! She looks in great shape andI would love that outfit for me! lol. I also like the clean, beautiful hairstyle that is not over the top and lets the dress do the talking.

Tyra did tyra. Outrageous and borders on mortisha from adams family! down to the facial expression lol but I love that she took a risk. No better occassion to take risks than at the "Oscars of fashion". I love taking risks with fashion, if you must-make sure you are comfortable in your own skin so it doesnt come off as crazy.
And Tyra is confidence!

NowKanye's Amber - The only problem for me is I do not pa…