Fashion Review - Genevieve Magazine Pink Ball

The popular magazine had its annual Pink Ball which highlights breast cancer awareness. The party for a good cause brought out some of Nigeria's fashionistas and below are the styles of the evening.

The uber-fabulous designer Zizi Cardow showed up in one of her pieces. A very playful, young choice for the evening. Loves it!

This is a very appropriate cocktail dress for the evening. I love the delicate pink, the beautiful fabric and the fit is awesome on her figure. Great choice!

Funmi Iyanda went with a Deola Sagoe creation. I'm not too sure about this one. I mean two of my favorite Nigerian women and deola Sagoe, I absolutely look up to so they both can't go wrong in my book.

Ituen Basi is seen here in one of her beaded creations which I love. I'm not ecstatic about the shoe choice but fab lady all the same.

I love the cut of this dress and little accents like the fab shoes and cross necklace add some elegance to the otherwise simple dress.

She went with red shoes! I love that. You might not agree but there is something interestingly contrasting about red and deep pink. Bold move-pays off! She looks fab.

This is a classic ball gown. The dress fits beautifully.

I am a fan of the use of African fabrics where possible and I like both dresses a lot.

This is a no ma'am. It is not flattering in any way, That train is wrong and the big bow is all wrong. Lose the train, the bow and drop the hem to just below theknee and it would be cute.

Peace, love and fabulousness.


solvabuilding said…
Great job! Love the comments, you're so sweet to everyone,even the awfully dressed, that's great. More, more, more...
Afrobabe said…
I love Deola but that outfit Funmi is wearing is a hot mess...
afrofabchic said… mess lol, i dont know why but ever since that saying came into being I have always giggled when anybody applies it to people.
With that said, you might have a point..

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