Met's Costume Institute Gala - New York City

Okay this past weekend was the "Oscars of Fashion" in New York City so naturally all your fave celebrities came out dressed up and below are my picks, best and worst dressed.

Rihanna went Avant-Garde to me and although I don't love,love it, I definitely think its a good "comeback" outfit. Perfect place, good statement.

Ciara's look i love, love! The backless statement is fabulous! She looks in great shape andI would love that outfit for me! lol. I also like the clean, beautiful hairstyle that is not over the top and lets the dress do the talking.

Tyra did tyra. Outrageous and borders on mortisha from adams family! down to the facial expression lol but I love that she took a risk. No better occassion to take risks than at the "Oscars of fashion". I love taking risks with fashion, if you must-make sure you are comfortable in your own skin so it doesnt come off as crazy.

And Tyra is confidence!

NowKanye's Amber - The only problem for me is I do not particularly believe in matching lipstick to the color of your dress. All together no surprise there with Amber, I kind of know what to expect with her fashion-wise since she came on the scene.

Beautiful Ladies-Iman and Eva did gold silk and they looked fabulous, no risks there just beautiful dresses that showed off their curves nicely.

Worst dressed hands down - Madonna, I mean most of us love the material girl but what was she thinking?

Stay fab!


Anonymous said…
what is madonna thinking? but Ciara does look hawt!
Anonymous said…
madonna... crazy!

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