Straight from Africa - Ankara

It appears that slowly but surely African inspired fabric is making a home out of the shores of Africa. Interestingly enough, we here in Africa are absorbing more and more of the Western culture n dressing. (This is so similar to white ppl tanning to be darker n black ppl bleaching to be lighter lol)

Anyway back to the actual post.
Over the weekend, Wiz Khalifa n wife, Amber Rose had a baby shower n she looked lovely in her keyboard inspired Jeremy Scott dress.

But to the point of this post, Model Tocarra showed up looking lovely as well in a blouse which on even casual inspection is Ankara or some other African inspired fabric like Woodin (Ghana).

I don't know bout u but African fabric is gorge! It's vibrant n always has its own identity. You can dress it up or down and more ppl should appreciate AND wear it.


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