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Two things happened this past week; what many expected would be the only truthful outcome turned out not to be and Rev. Wright kept on preaching. I am talking about the verdict on the Sean Bell case tragedy and Rev. Wright continously speaking out for America and the world to commit to change.

Sean bell was in a car the night before his wedding when 3 undercover police officers felt their lives were in danger and pumped what was believed to be 50+ bullets into the car Killing Bell. After 'the smoke settled down', Bell was dead and there were no weapons on him or in the car.

Now think about that for a second.....

Understandably, the family is devastated, they lost a son, a father, .........a fiance; few things are worse. But also at this point, we have to think about what next. Can they take it to the Supreme Court, Ask for a retrial? Surely everyone realizes this affected more than just the Bell family and it is so beyond race because 2 of the 3 policemen are black. The issue here is police over-brutality-plain and simple and in most cases, strereotyping.

So write to your senators, government or write on your blog. Let us unite in asking that police refrain and retrain; go back to the cutting board and raise inspiring policemen not men who unfortunately go down in history for cutting down the life of an innocent human being.

There are bad people out there who pose great risks for our policemen and women but we can't forget that on November 25, 2006, we were left with one less good man.

Rev. Wright is on to something and from my own inference, he is saying we should all move towards accepting people from all different ethnic groups and races. What is wrong with that? The only thing he may have to think about is his speech sounding a bit like he is condemning a certain race. Encourage people to do whats right and leave it at that.

Check out music from P-Square!

P-Square_Story: I love this song and vid!

P-Square_No one like u.

Wande Coal_Ololufe


loves the third song, not so crazy about the video.


Hair Azara said…
that whole sean bell thing, pissed me off!!! its ridiculous!!
anyways I am inLOVE with dat P-SQUARE "no one like you" song!!

p.s how do you put the videos on ur blog, am just not gettin it!! lol
Coffie said…
'No one like you', just downloaded it on my mp3, I cant get enough of it! The Sean Bell situation is beyond sad, to think his daughters will not grow up with a father because of someone's misjudgement. As for Rev. Wright it seems like he's going to ride this Obama publicity till the wheels come off, me no likey his attention-seeking ways!..anyways my half Ghananian sister have a great day :-)

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