Spring in....and Summer too!!

As the start of Spring approaches, we, the ladies, are faced with more fun ways to look hot in 08. This spring kicks off a return to accentuating your lovely waist. With wide belts, waist-flattering skirts and dresses, we are thankfully distancing ourselves from the era of low, low, low -waist everything! That trend did nothing to beautifully emphasize the waist of a woman, rather it gave her a longer than normal torso and for some it exposed what was supposed to remain underneath. Below are runway pieces to spring into. The runway picks come from one of my favorite designers, Reem Acra. The colors are not only spring and summer perfect; the pieces are flattering on any shape because they bring the whole look together at one point which is important for a beautiful, balanced look.

I am a big fan of white and black and those are classic colors but you can add a splash/contrast of color like the green wide belt in look 1 or the purple belt in look 5 or you can go all out with purple and red and still stand out beautifully. The splash/contrast of color can also be with your purse or clutch and your shoes like these from Aldo. I particularly love the ruby red flat shoes for versatility and comfort. At the same time dont be afraid to go bold!

I love this black sequined wide belt because it instantly adds a classic look to any outfit.

And finally, I love, love, love these dresses from victoriassecret.com because their colors are vibrant and ‘springy’ and they obviously accentuate the waist beautifully. We have the purple flirty, very girly dress; the sexy, green halter and the little black dress with a twist.

Style should be personal. It should complement you, your body, and your mind. Chic and fab!


cool_ice said…
Love the belt also...is that from aldo as well
afrofabchic said…
yeah it is, aldo has pretty good stuff from time to time. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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