Afrofab designers

Duro Olowu
Duro Olowu is the darling of the British Fashion scene and as you will see below, he matches my loooove for prints and patterns this season. I adore this designer and his eye for fitting the body of a woman. Below are pieces from his Spring 08 ready to wear collection. Enjoy!

The blue kaftan belted dress is perfect for spring, as is the tourquoise jacket and skirt and the flower-pattern jersey dress.

These dresses above will flatter any shape because two of the most beautiful parts of a woman's body are her neck and shoulders.

Peridot and Ruby
In following the trend of spring colors and fit, we have Nigerian Designers Peridot and Ruby. With their vibrant colors and waist-flattering fit, it is definitely one of my top African designers of the season.


Anonymous said…
nice trend
Hair Azara said…
LOVING UR BLOG already! Welcome to the BLOG world, I know its not easy. I just started as well, check out my blog on HAIR:
afrofabchic said…
thank u guys so much!
Chi-Chi said…
I like the designers you listed especially the last pair. Their style is fresh and unique. I'm looking forward to more blog posts from afrofab! :)

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