And the winner is...

This is the new cover for TIME magazine and if you have had your head buried under a stone, you may not understand whats going on here. Let me update you...You see even republicans know whats up. They know that Barack Obama is intelligent and charismactic but they have refused to accept that he is the next president of the United States of America and so they have tried to shut him down in all ways but to no avail.
Well TIME magazine has made it loud and clear, he is going to be the Democratic nominee and in my very educated and precise opinion, the next president of the USA.
For me it is a black AND African issue because no African American man has ever come this far and he is just that-African AND American. This is monumental! It really is. He cannot come this far and be turned away, we all need to finish what we started. People always saying black people are being kept down well Look up! That person there is a black man standing up for you and I! I believe with Barack Obama, the doors that we presumed were shut or that were actually shut would cease to exist in our minds and in reality. Yes We Can!


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