Happy Mother's day!

To my sweet, beautiful mother, I love you mummy! You are always my sounding board, my support, my defense.

There is no one like my mother. She is there through the pain, the tears, the joy, the growing pains, the education, the graduation.
She is there to pray for me, put me back in line, fight for me, defend me, love me, cry with me, raise me up, humble me.

I love you momma! Your baby K.

In honor of all the mothers in the world, a throwback hit by Prince Nico-Sweet mother.

Prince Nico_Sweet Mother


Naija Sutra said…
i love the song,

im bobbing my head and singing right now.....sweet mother, i no go forget youuuuu

nice post
Anu boy said…
Hullooooo.... whats happening here?
Naija Idol said…
yeah i like dat song too and i love my mum. i also know/pray/wish/hope obama wins.

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