Life table talk I: Let the past go

Ok, this is a new series on this blog and it will simply attempt to cover topics we all discuss with girlfriends, boyfriends, best friends, family etc.

The premiere topic is "let the past go" I decided on this topic cos sometimes to learn something new you have got to make space, to open a new page you have got to turn the old page etc.

Do u ever remember things from the past, from time to time? We all do so nothing abnormal there, it becomes an issue when you dwell on it time AND time again. Often the reason you dwell is cos YOU think YOU could have done, said, being something different. Fine. Maybe that could have been the case. But think about it as a lesson in case you face the same experience again, then u can try out ur alternative action or sentence, but I guarantee you, you may likely not like that as well. We as humans are rarely satisfied so chances are we will always question our actions, you can never be 100% right, sure, certain cos YOU AIN'T GOD.

I have a dear friend who finds it quite hard to let go of past hurts, she remembers it word for word, line for line. In contrast I am able to let it go. The reason is every time I look back I actually feel like jumping up n down and shouting with glee because literally I dodged a bullet by facing what happened. I can't be the exception, I charge you to look back and not find a silver lining in ur experiences - not possible.

While it takes time to get over some things, it is very possible. Also don't let whatever happened affect the rest of your life, how you love, who you love, what you want to do in life. I always say (to myself, now to you :)) no one and nothing has the power to make you hate anything. Case in pt, as a medical student, I was so sure I wouldnt be able eat meat once I started anatomy n dissection of cadavers. People I tell you, I got home after that first day, tired and hungry and didn't even realize I was eating (and enjoying) grilled chicken until it was finished. C'est la vie. Life goes on. So you must as well.

Actually letting go is not throwing a party n inviting all the people involved. It is simply removing them from your way and continuing with the exciting journey that is the rest of your life.

Share your tips on moving on from past issues.

Peace. Love. "Fabulousness"


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