A lot of entertainment and a little confusion

Okay let me start this write up by saying I am a moderate fan of basketball and the reason I went from no-idea-what-the-rules-of-this-game-are to moderate fan is because some friends are huge fans and I often go to and watch a few games. A popular team is the Lakers so it is safe to say I know the faces of most of the team members and a few names in addition.

I was familiar with who D.J. Mbenga was on court but not off court as in where he is from and all that including how funny he really is.
Anyways I stumbled on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night and about 9 members of the L.A. Lakers team were on the show including Kobe, Fisher, Ariza, Gasol and Mbenga.
At some point the whole team was ribbing Mbenga on his accent; thats no problem, infact it looked like the whole team was friendly with each other and you know how guys tease each other, it was fun to watch.

But what confused me was when Jimmy Kimmel mentioned that he would like to hire Mbenga as a security guard on the show. Now I know he was being funny but I am hesistant to say stereotypical because I didnt know Africans were known to be security guards more than any other race?! On the other hand, I felt it was a bit confusing to mention that you wanted to hire him as a security guard because you didnt understand his accent or because he was funny?! I could be wrong, there might be no relationship but when I heard it, I frowned without even blinking and the rest of the interview I was a little angry at the statement.

I think I was more upset because I found Mbenga to be cute, charming, funny and seemingly a sweetheart. Had Kimmel said it to Lebron, I might not have cared. Anyways below is a clip of the interview, it starts at 8.25 if you can determine what he meant let me know and I will stand corrected.

With that said it was a completely entertaining interview especially for someone like me; I find the interviews more interesting than the actual game.lol

Well have a wonderful fathers day and God bless all our dads! I love you daddy!


Anonymous said…
nice one chic
Anonymous said…
mmm.. I'm not quite sure wht he meant by that, weird comment but i'll let this one go to the comedian this time.
Anonymous said…
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