Shell Oil Scandal Settlement after more than 12 years

Most of us who grew up in Nigeria remember the late activist and poet Ken Saro-Wiwa and the mystery surounding his execution along with 9 others in 1995. The involvement of Shell was always suspected by the Ogoni people of the Niger Delta region. Click the link below to read the full article that covers the $15 million settlement.

Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr., the late activist's son has been outspoken about what this means for his family and the other families. Below is an interview he did with CNN shortly after the settlement.

(CNN) -- Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr., the son of executed Nigerian writer Ken Saro-Wiwa, spoke exclusively to CNN's Becky Anderson about Shell's $15.5 million payout to settle a lawsuit accusing the oil giant of complicity in the deaths of Saro-Wiwa and other activists. Following is a transcript of the interview.
Q: What does this settlement mean to you and the other plaintiffs?
A: Well, I think in the end it enables us to draw a line under the past and actually face the future with something tangible, some hope that this is the beginning of a better engagement between all the stakeholders in this issue.
Q: Would your father have been pleased do you think?
A: Yes, I think he was always a pragmatic kind of guy, someone who was always insistent that individuals should serve the collective at every point, and I think this is something that speaks to that.
Q: Why did you settle?
A: Because it offered the opportunity, as I said, to draw a line under the past so that we can move on with our lives and you have to remember there are 10 people involved in this plaintiff, all with varying experiences and aspirations.

For the rest of this interview, click on the link below.


Anonymous said…
This is good news for the Ogoni people.
novisi said…

but the battle surely continues!

we must all play our bit and i'm glad for this post!

bless you!
afrofabchic said…
thanks...I hope we all play a part in the progression of Africa in general...God bless you too!

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