The Saree Story

I read somewhere that it seems to be a controversial issue in Nigeria because we have politicians commenting on how much skin Nigerian women should show!

I honestly think it is a very attractive way to dress IF you do it right. I am concerned though that it might be a trend and like all trends, fade with time but if you put your own personal spin on it, you might be able to get away with it in any season.

It can work with most shapes. For instance, due to the multiple layers of fabric, a slimmer figure can acquire a fuller-looking figure and still be able to pull off the look successfully with a belted version to give the illusion of curves.
However, actually fuller figures might need to find a balance because those multiple layers of fabric can add bulk as opposed to flattering the figure; I wouls suggest a corsetted top and a full skirt(sort of like Linda's version).
The right style to rock would depend on one's figure and the occasion. A midriff-baring saree might not be generally appropriate for all occasions but thankfully there are lots of ways to wear it and still look elegant. You just have to make sure it works for you. The great thing is you can wear it with a longer top underneath to avoid showing too much skin. I love the idea of wearing it like a one-shoulder wrap, completely covered all over the body but still figure flattering at the same time with the extra fabric draped on your arm or alternatively pinned on your shoulder.

How to wear a Saree

Wrap Saree

Linda Ikeji in a Saree from her collection, see this blog post

If you have it, flaunt it.

How not to wear a Saree

Peace,Love and fabulousness


RocNaija said…
I guess there'll always be people who try to push the boundaries of what's acceptable..
I love the Saree photo's! I was just watching an old episode of America's Next Top Model yesterday and they focused on the influence of bollywood in fashion and how to wear a saree. Lol@ the not how to wear it bit. When it comes down to it, it's just about wearing things with taste...

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